Maintenance & Care


When cleaning, make sure EVO500 is in shutdown state and fasten the rubber cover of charging port tightly!Otherwise,

electric shock or serious malfunction may occur.

It is strictly prohibited to directly wash EVO500 with the high-pressure water gun to clean the car or soak the car body in

water, which may lead to the accumulation of water vapor or water in the car body, resulting in serious and irreparable faults.

Do not use alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, acetone or other corrosive, volatile chemical solvents to clean the vehicle body,

these substances can damage the exterior and interior structure of the EVO500.



  • Please clean your EVO500 in time after use to maintain the best performance;
  • You can use a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of water to wipe the car body, preferably using a soft cloth;
  • A household shower or garden sprinkler (water pressure below 1Mpa, or 145PSI) can be used to flush the tire. After washing, the tire should be controlled to dry as soon as possible and put in a ventilated place to dry to avoid corrosion of certain steel parts;
  • Be sure to avoid flushing the charging interface directly with water or letting the water flow into the charging interface, otherwise it may cause serious failure or damage;
  • If the car body is difficult to clean stains, use toothpaste smear, brush repeatedly with a toothbrush, and then clean with a wet rag;
  • When not in use, try to keep EVO500 indoors in a dry and cool place. Avoid being outdoors for a long time. Exposure to the sun and very hot/cold outdoor environment will accelerate the appearance aging.

The battery should be charged in time to avoid recharging when the power is used up, otherwise it will be damaged due to

excessive discharge (outside warranty maintenance).

Do not disassemble or replace the parts in the charger without permission.

Try not to carry the charger with the car. If necessary, it should be put in the tool box after shock absorption.


The battery pack is the most maintainable component on the EVO500.A well-maintained battery pack may perform well after

20 to 30, 000 kilometers;A poorly maintained battery package can run out of capacity or break down after a few months.To

extend the life of your battery pack as much as possible, please follow the following tips for regular inspection and maintnance:


  • Try to store the battery pack in a dry environment at room temperature ranging from 0℃ to 40℃. High temperature and low temperature will affect the battery life.Please avoid using or storing batteries in an environment below -20℃ or above 50℃;
  • Carefully read the notes on the battery pack surface label and follow them;
  • Store batteries in a dry, cool environment as much as possible.In extremely humid conditions, there may be condensation or even water in the battery pack, which is likely to cause rapid battery damage.If humidity is unavoidable, seal the battery pack with a large zipper bag and store it.
  • During daily use, try to avoid completely draining the battery and recharging it.If the dashboard shows only 1 or 2 bars left, please charge it as soon as possible.Try to fully charge the BATTERY after each use of the EVO500.Frequent charging does not harm the battery life, and the battery in a state of near exhaustion for a long time will seriously affect the battery capacity and life;
  • When not in use for a very long time (more than 180 days), please recharge the battery every 3 to 4 months and then continue to store, in order to maintain the battery capacity and life;

In addition to the battery pack, other parts of the EVO500 also need regular maintenance, which helps ensure the EVO500 is in optimal cycling condition and can eliminate some potential safety hazards in time.In addition to fastening screws, changing tires and fenders as required, there are no parts on THE EVO500 that can be repaired by users by themselves. Please do not disassemble by yourself. The Company will not be liable for any damage, failure and property/personal damage caused by unauthorized disassembly.If you have unsolvable problems, please contact us or your reseller.

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