Why Voltion?

Voltion is the creation of three entrepreneurs eager to innovate technologically and offer an agile, fast, and stable means of transportation for anyone who needs to move around the city quickly and confidently. Their passion for creating, conceiving, and building non-polluting personal mobility vehicles led them to produce scooters with a bold and innovative approach.

Move as you think; Voltion has the electric scooter for you to dream, create, and embark on your life's journeys

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability leads us to continuously design new products to the delight of our customers who need to move swiftly through the city.

Alex is Voltion’s visible face

A true entrepreneur, Alex knows what it's like to set up companies and step out of his comfort zone. He has always been committed to the work of other entrepreneurs and wanted to create a personal mobility project to support and provide assistance to anyone who needs to move around the city autonomously and freely. His commitment to sustainability is an honest and responsible way of thinking to ensure a better future.

You decide where you need to go, and your Voltion scooter will effortlessly take you there

We've just launched the Evo500, which is ready to be used in the city with a removable battery, USB-C charging system, automatic unlocking, rear lights, turn signals, and many more innovations to come.

The city is yours, the connection with your scooter is unique, and the security and stability of its platform and integrated turn signals allow you to move around safely.