Set Up Guide

This guide will help you set up your newly received Apollo Explore to ensure you are ready for your first ride!


When you first receive your scooter, you will receive:

• A user manual
• A multitool
• Power supply
• Power supply cable
• Scooter Head
• Screws

If you have also purchased any accessories, please check the tracking information to see whether they were shipped separately or together with your scooter. If anything is missing, please contact our support team immediately and we will be happy to assist you.
Remove the polystyrene foam and take the scooter out of the box. Be sure to save both the box and the packaging in case a warranty shipment is required in the future.


We recommend lifting the scooter onto a box or chair for the following setup steps:

1.Your scooter will arrive folded. Once removed from the box release the locking mechanism so it remains in the open position.

2.To unfold the scooter, lift the handlebar stem upwards with one hand until it is in an upright position, with the other hand while holding the stem upright be sure to push the locking mechanism towards it.

3.Make sure the red locking mechanism pin is in the down position and locked before driving; this can be confirmed by listening to a click of the folding mechanism and visually checking that the red button is in place.

4.Do not drive the scooter if an audible click of the folding mechanism is not heard.

5. The handlebar features a compact design which should be inserted into the handlebar stem and the screws tightened with the spanner supplied with the scooter.

6.After tightening, shake the handlebar to ensure it is securely fastened.


We strongly recommend that you take a quick look at your scooter to check for any signs of visual or aesthetic damages. We do our absolute best to ship our scooters safely. However, sometimes accidents do happen during transit. So, now is the time to make sure your scooter was delivered safely, and if you notice anything out of the ordinary, please get in touch with either your dealer or our customer service team.

Once you are done checking for any signs of damages, it is time to switch the scooter on. Locate the power button under the display and press it for 5 seconds to turn the scooter on. You should now be able to see the display on.
Please make sure that the scooter is elevated for the next two steps, as we will be testing the throttle and brakes.

Start by pressing the throttle. You may notice a slight jump in the engine accompanied by a sound. Rest assured this is perfectly normal. What is happening is that your engine is locating into position before you are ready to accelerate.
After pressing the throttle, you should feel the rear wheel start to accelerate. Continue accelerating for 5 seconds, then release the throttle and press both brakes at the same time. Stepping on the brakes adjusts the position of your brake callipers when used for the first time.

If you notice that the brakes make repetitive sounds, this is likely due to brake pad rubbing which will disappear after a few weeks of use. Brake pad rubbing is not a defect, but rather a consequence of our choice to adjust the brakes on the tighter side before shipping. This allows for more effective braking and the rubbing sound will disappear after a few weeks of use.

Touch the power button and confirm that the rear lights, front lights, ambient lights on the sides of the platform and stem light are turned on. Finally, press the brakes to make sure the rear light is flashing and check that turn signals are working properly. If at any time one of your lights does not turn on, please contact us immediately. Otherwise, you are ready to go!