About Us

Observe the present, design the future

We look forward to designing the transport of the future. While we do so, our aim is to offer high-quality products, by combining state-of-the-art technology, innovation, design, and elegance. We are inspired by you. We invite you to join us.

Research, Development and Innovation

VOLTION Global BV is a Company, created in 2018 in the Netherlands, with our head office located in Amsterdam. The Company is exclusively dedicated to Urban Micromobility product design and manufacturing.

We are a short-distance Micromobility research, development, design, innovation, manufacturing, and transport product selling-centered Company.

Committed to the environment

Protecting the environment is one of the main targets to which we dedicate all our efforts to develop products and more efficient and sustainable solutions.

Mision & Vision

Our objective is to be the design, quality, and innovation leading brand in electric mobility devices. To transform our customers daily transportation into a safe, economical, sustainable, pleasant experience.

What We Do


We study, analyze and assess our customers’ behavior in order to discover their needs.

Develop Ideas

We convert abstract and creative ideas into actual working products.

Design and Manufacture

We design, develop prototypes, and manufacture all products on our own.

Optimize Shipping

We are always in search of the most efficient and economical way to reach all our customers.

Listen to Costumers

Every customer´s opinion and comment are deeply analyzed to enhance the consumer´s experience.

Give our best service

Providing our customers with the best service possible is our major priority.
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